Know Lok Adalat and its Relevancy

1] What is a Lok Adalat?
Lok Adalats are nothing but a part of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) which is organized by the various legal aid authorities like the State Legal Aid Authority, The District Legal Aid Authority, The Supreme Court legal services committee, High Court legal aid committees, Taluk legal aid committee. The Lok Adalats aid the resolution of disputes through conciliatory methods.
2] What are the Disputes to be resolved by Lok Adalat?
All disputes except serious criminal offences
3] What is the process to refer the case to Lok Adalat?
A case can be referred to a Lok Adalat by: (a) Parties to the Litigation with the permission of the court and by making an application by the Parties with its consent and (b) by the Court, if it is satisfied that the dispute is one that can be resolved by a Lok Adalat
4] Is decision arrived in Lok Adalat is valid in court of law?
Yes, the settlement that is arrived in Lok Adalat is deemed to have the status of a Decree under Laws of India. No appeal can be filed in any court against an award that has been given by a Lok Adalat except WRIT.
5] What are the Powers given to Lok Adalat?
The following powers have been given to Lok Adalat:
• Summoning (a person being called by an authority such as the Court.)and examining a witness on oath
• The discovery (the act of compelling the opposite side in a case to reveal information.)and production (the creation of utility.) of any document
• Accepting evidence on affidavit (A written declaration on oath which is sworn before a person or body who has the authority to oversee the oath.)
• The requisitioning (the act of requiring something to be furnished.)of any public record or any document or copy of such record or document from any court or public office
• Any other matters that are prescribed rules