- Our Approach -

Fireflies Legal LLP (along with The Legal Desk), is a Law Firm having its Office at Vashi (Navi Mumbai) and Dadar (Mumbai – Meeting Office) and has its appearance and presence and matters at Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Nasik, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore.


Fireflies Legal understands and appreciates the different challenges that our clients face in the current business environment as a result of technological changes, evolving government regulations, and competitive pressures in the marketplace. Fireflies Legal provides a diverse set of legal services to our clients and assists them to meet these challenges successfully. Fireflies Legal believes in our commitment as lawyers to provide the best service to our clients. Fireflies Legal understands the needs of the business of its clients. Fireflies Legal has been able to respond to the needs in an acceptable Turn Around Time (TAT). Fireflies Legal provides dynamic and flexible service to meet the needs of an ever changing and ever growing business of its clients. Fireflies Legal combines a personal approach with High Professional Standards and always believed in prompt and efficient execution of the Work.

What Set's Us Apaprt?

We don’t deal in any hidden charges and all the fees and costs are being approved in advance via email and then only the work is taken forward.

We are specialists in what we do and We give our best to work with you and try to achieve your desired outcome well and truly in your favour.

We can use the law to your best advantage and create a robust strategy that will overcome the potential obstacles experience has taught us will arise

We work in the manner to ensure no or minimum cases go to the Court and this is where our Experience of dealing comes handy to our clients.

Experience means we will act quickly and our steps are ready to be taken as and when you feel and we do our own research if at all it requires but our experience in dealing such matters speaks of research we have been doing. That experience has taught us the ‘ring craft’ you need to resolve your dispute.


Since FIREFLIES LEGAL LLP deals with information that is highly confidential, FIREFLIES LEGAL LLP assures its best in regard to the confidentiality of its clients.

Conflicts Check

FIREFLIES LEGAL LLP run every new legal assignment through comprehensive conflicts check to ensure that its clients’ interests are never compromised.

Our Ethics & Principles:
  • Understanding, diagnosing and addressing the underlying problem, rather than symptomatic, cosmetic or routine response
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Addressing the entire range of the problem
  • Designing appropriate & efficient (time/cost) strategy/solution
  • Litigation as last resort (other than in emergencies)
  • Keeping client constantly informed
  • Feedback
  • Focus on adding value
  • Inter-disciplinary Partnerships
  • Online Legal Department
  • Facilitating Innovation

Fee Structure

The demands made by corporate clients during the economic downturn such as fixed, flat and value-based fee structures, will long endure even after the economy has stabilized. For many firms, alternative fee arrangements are now standard operating procedure and part of the firm offering. In order to ensure firm profitability and client retention, law firms need to identify ways and seek legal services providers that can deliver greater efficiency, cost predictability, and ultimately help them enhance client relationships. At, The Legal Desk, you are getting skilled attorneys and staff that can help you implement a legal support strategy that will enable you to maintain firm profitability while supporting your client needs and requirements. With extensive experience working for corporate clients, The Legal Desk is able to customize the work to meet your needs and to give you a fast Turn Around Time without sacrificing quality. The Legal Desk can deliver full-time support through our dedicated teams, or complete a single, high-volume project.


Our basis for charging fees is designed to ensure that the cost to the client represents value for money. A time based charge, set at varied rates according to the experience and seniority of the lawyer working on the matter and the complexity of the case, and ensures that the client is charged for the time committed by our lawyers on their matter. We encourage our clients to adopt our annual retainer system, which ensures that they are briefed and consulted regularly throughout the year.