No matter what your interest in Real Estate – as investor, financier, owner, occupier or developer – you strive for the maximum return on your investment with minimum exposure to risk. The Fireflies Legal LLP primarily provide services pertaining to real estate such as drafting, reviewing & negotiating various property documents for Sale, Mortgage, Agency, Leave and Licence/Lease, Property Joint Ventures, Property Development Transferable Rights, Contractor arrangements, Title search of the property (through our clerk/associates) and Registration of the property documents (through our clerk/associates)

RERA is changing the way Real Estate market is being run and in this fast changing market, it is always better to be update on the RERA aspects as to how it may come as a savior to your problems and we at Fireflies Legal LLP keep you updated on how to use RERA for your benefits and at same time to ensure not falling contravening the provisions of RERA. We take care of RERA documentation, RERA appearance before Tribunal.